Diabetes How -To Take Care of Skin

Diabetes can dry out your skin. That means you could get injured more easily, be more likely to get an infection, and take longer to heal. Follow these tips to care for your skin and keep it healthy.

Protect Yourself From the Elements

To shield your skin from the cold or wind, cover your ears and face, including your nose, and wear a hat. Also, wear warm gloves and shoes or boots.

Follow these guidelines, too: 

Make a First-Aid Kit for Your Skin

Keep a first-aid kit close by to take care of your hands and feet. It should include:

How to Treat Blisters

How to Care for Small Cuts

How to Handle Minor Skin Problems Like Rashes

What to do for Minor Burns

When to Call a Doctor or Podiatrist

When you have diabetes, your feet need special attention. Beyond a daily foot care routine, call your doctor or podiatrist right away if you:

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