Heart Disease and Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you have heart disease, your doctor may encourage you to participate in a cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) program, which is designed to help you exercise safely and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. The program typically includes a tailored exercise program, education, and support in making lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking and adopting a healthier diet. Cardiac rehab programs also offer support groups to help you stay on track to maintain a healthier heart.

What Types of Exercises Are Included in a Cardiac Rehab Program?

Your cardiac rehab program may include exercises like cycling on a stationary bike, using a treadmill, low-impact aerobics, and swimming.

Who Benefits from Cardiac Rehab?


Cardiac rehab may benefit you if you have:

How Will I Benefit from Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac rehab offers many benefits. It can improve your ability to carry out activities of daily living, reduce your heart disease risk factors, improve your quality of life, improve your outlook and emotional stability, and increase your ability to manage your disease.

How Do You Pick a Cardiac Rehab Program?

The best cardiac rehabilitation programs are multidisciplinary, with doctors, nurses, exercise physiologists, psychologists, and dietitians either on the premises or in direct contact with the program staff. A good program will study each person’s needs and design a program just for them.

Consider these points when choosing a rehab program:

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