How to lift your cancer brain fog

How to Lift Your Cancer Brain Fog

Many people with cancer have problems with memory, attention, and thinking. It can start during treatment or after it’s over. You might have heard it called “chemo brain,” but other cancer treatments besides chemotherapy can cause this brain fog, too. It can also happen because of the disease itself.

When you have it, you may find it hard to work, go to school, or enjoy social events.

For many people, brain fog lasts a short time. Others may have it for years. Either way, a few different strategies can help you get a handle on your symptoms.

Why Cancer Causes Mental Issues

If you have brain fog, you’ll notice that:

Although your cancer is partly to blame for how you feel, there may be other reasons, such as:

How to Lift Your Brain Fog

Different strategies can help you think more clearly, such as:

Lifestyle changes

Memory aids

Help from experts

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