Risk factors of diabetes

What Increases My Risk of Diabetes?

There are three major types of the disease: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. With all three, your body can’t make or use insulin.

One of every four people with diabetes doesn’t know they have it. Might you be one of them? Read on to see if your risk of diabetes having is high.

Type 1

This type usually starts in childhood. Your pancreas stops making insulin. You have type 1 diabetes for life. The main things that lead to it are:

Type 2

If you have this kind, your body can’t use the insulin it makes. This is called insulin resistance. Type 2 usually affects adults, but it can begin at any time in your life. The main things that lead to it are:


Diabetes when you’re expecting affects about 4% of all pregnancies. It’s caused by hormones the placenta makes or by too little insulin. High blood sugar from the mother causes high blood sugar in the baby. That can lead to growth and development problems if left untreated. Things that can lead to gestational diabetes include:

Steps to Take

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