When to Call the Doctor About Osteoporosis

Do you think you may have osteoporosis? How do you know? And when should you call your doctor? It’s called the “silent disease” because the signs aren’t always clear. Often, people don’t know they have it until they break a bone, called a fracture. But early discovery may save you from painful fractures and even disability.

You’re at higher risk of osteoporosis if:

You may want to call your doctor if:

Spine fractures are the most common injury from osteoporosis. If you have symptoms of a spinal fracture, you should see your doctor.


Common ones include:

You can have had a series of fractures and not know it. That can cause the bones in your back to gradually break down. As your back begins to compress, it can cause the spine to curve forward, lowering your height and causing the body to be more hunched forward. If severe, this can affect movement and your internal organs. Look for these warning signs that this may have happened:

Osteoporosis can show up in hip and wrist fractures, too. If you notice a problem, call your doctor.

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